Peter Bowen Homes and WAW have partnered up to help you get into your first home.

In an exclusive offer for House and Land packages in the magnificent Brooklyn Fields estate in Thurgoona, Peter Bowen Homes (PBH) and WAW have created a plan to make it easier for you to own your first dream home.


The plan is simple:

  • Choose a home design and block of land in Brooklyn Fields estate that perfectly suits you and your family
  • Pay an initial $3,000 deposit to PBH to secure the House and Land Package
  • Over the next 40 weeks, save the rest of your deposit with a WAW savings plan, then PBH could match these savings with a $8,000 contribution toward your new home
  • Combine this with the State Government’s First Home Owners Grant, and you’re on your way to owning you first home!


Through the process PBH will guide you step-by-step on the new home building process and WAW will guide you in hitting your savings targets.

Contact PBH today on (02) 6043 3200 or visit our Brooklyn Fields display village to speak with one of our team for more information on this program, and to start your journey towards your first new home.

WAW and Peter Bowen Homes - Local business supporting local people.

Terms and Conditions

To be eligible to participate in the First Home Owner Bundle, customers must:

  • Qualify for New South Wales State Government First Home Owner Grant (FHOG)
  • Pay an upfront land deposit of $3,000 to Peter Bowen Homes.  This enables Peter Bowen Homes to place a hold on the block of land. This deposit is held by Peter Bowen Homes and is applied to land and build contract.
  • Customers must be able to demonstrate a minimum 5% genuine savings over a minimum period of 3 months, plus have funds available to cover all associated costs of finance such as lenders mortgage insurance, government costs, solicitor costs and any other fees and charges.
  • PBH will only contribute the $8,000 FHOG bonus to customers that meet the savings goals and eligibility criteria and gain unconditional approval on the loan. 
  • PBH contribution of $8,000 will be provided as a reduction to the building price contract for successful applicants. This contribution is not considered genuine savings for loan assessment purposes.
  • Meet with WAW to complete an initial lending assessment.  This will act as a guide on your ability to save for the 5% genuine deposit as well as assess your ability to service the projected debt levels, based on the value of the house and land package you have selected.
  • Open Bank accounts through WAW for the purpose of meeting savings plan goals. Customers must meet all eligibility criteria to open transaction and savings accounts with WAW.
  • WAW will waive its usual loan establishment fee and legal fees for preparation of loan documentation.
  • WAW will only provide approval for any loan once it is fully satisfied the applicant can meet all lending terms and conditions.
  • Customers must pay the costs of any valuations that are required.

Participants in the WAW FHOG saver bundle program receive one monthly transaction fee-free account and one bonus interest saver account which will assist the customer to save funds needed to qualify for a home loan and meet the criteria of the bundle. Lender’s mortgage insurance may apply in certain circumstances and lenders mortgage insurer conditions will apply in these instances.

The offer is only available for Peter Bowen Homes house and land packages in Brooklyn Fields Estate, Thurgoona.  Peter Bowen Homes and WAW do not pay each other commission or provide any cross subsidising of incentives of this bundle.  Each company is providing the incentives within this bundle at its own costs under its usual operating conditions with a view to assist potential local first home owners.

This offer is based on the costs of a house and land package with estimated contracted cost of $420,000, built by Peter Bowen Homes in Brooklyn Fields Estate, Thurgoona.  House & Land Packages can be tailored at the discretion of Peter Bowen Homes.  House & Land Package terms and conditions are subject to Peter Bowen Homes usual building contracts and terms and conditions. Changes to the House & Land Package prices may impact each applicant’s individual savings goals and any requirements to meet lending criteria. 

WAW Credit Union Cooperative Limited (Australian Financial Service Licence & Australian Credit Licence 247298)